Volume I • Issue 1 • Fall 2016

Pressing Issues in Contemporary Rites of Passage

Our inaugural issue delves into the issues and ideas alive in the field right now. Academics, poets, practitioners and wayfarers alike examine what it means to come of age in modernity, tackling questions like What is identity? How do we foster community development AND create rites of passage programming that can be sustained? What is the role of initiation in this work?

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Letter From the Editors
by the Confluence Journal Editorial Staff

Diaspora: Thoughts on Journeying
by John Raux

The Courage of Becoming: WSU 4-H Rite of Passage
by Larry Hobbs, Michael Wallace, & Scott Vanderwey

A Critical Time for Jewish Youth:
Rethinking the Bar & Bat Mitzvah

by Zelig Golden & Sarai Shapiro

Initiation and Rites of Passage
by Bill Plotkin

Celebrate with Story
by Gail Burkett

Selections from My Nature is Hunger
by Luis Rodriguez

Bearing Witness:
Rites of Passage to celebrate Transgender Youth

by Parker Schneider & Taylor Solymosy-Poole

The Middle Passage
by Chris Henrikson & Taylor Code

The Growing Life of a Child
by Ben Anthony

The RITE Way Review
by Bret Stephenson

The Rite Way  |  Youth on Fire Review
by Darcy Ottey

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