Volume III • Issue 4 • Winter 2018

Right Relations

Our fourth issue’s theme, dives headfirst into the depths of relationship, specifically, our living and fallible attempt, to navigate the foundational and gravitational forces of our inner and outer lives. That endeavoring toward alignment is not a process best understood in terms of success and failure. It is instead the persevering attempt to be in integrity—with one another, with the world around us, and with the great mysteries within ourselves.

This issue and its varied contributors hold true to one of Confluence’s founding intentions; to approach the world with a sincere and buoyant curiosity, with a commitment to parse, connect..bridge. It is through that commitment, to lean into what is authentically true, that this issue (in these editors’ humble opinions!) is our best yet, and within its pages, a great many bridges beckon.

They invite us to consider seeing ourselves as a heterogeneous whole, made comprehensive because of our differences; a whole that makes room for the connections as well as the expanses that exist among us, to go as kin, into the great unknown, together.

Come join us in the Confluence!
Inside you’ll find space made for all kinds of eyes, ears, and voices, as our contributors respond to the theme: Right Relations.

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Letter From the Editors
by the Confluence Journal Editorial Staff

It Will All Hurt Until it Doesn’t
by Kendall Johnson

The Sacred Balance
by Pegi Eyers

A Little More
by Zachary Hoyt

Smoke that Travels
by Kayla Briët

Crater Lake & The Ritual of Return
by Troy Payne

Sacred Relationship to Our Individual & Collective Entelechy
by Kairon Yeng

Process | Black Angel: On the Work of Rhea Dillon
by Ruby Boddington

Queers & Wolves: Mapping Eco-Social Resilience-Scapes
by Fēnix Grace

Kraïna: I am the Land
by Lesia Maruschak in collaboration with Dodho Magazine

Sons and Daughters of Abraham
by Gerard Sarnat

Call & Response: On The Future of Rites of Passage & YPW
Call by Frederick Marx, Response by Meredith Little

 In Pursuit and Appreciation of Whole Hearted Action
by Gigi Coyle

Practicing Community Episode 4 – Whole Person Sexuality
by Emily Frost, Dane Zahorsky, & Marisa Taborga Byrne

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