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But I don't work with youth, is this still for me?

Yes, Youth Passageways recognizes that transition and transformation occur throughout the lifespan, and we all need support to fully bring our gifts forward. The network focuses on youth because we understand that when we keep youth at the center, we are all called to be our best selves, and find our rightful place in the circle of community. But this doesn’t mean that all of our clients and partners focus on youth!  Our team brings a range of skills, gifts, and wisdom applicable to different ages and life stages. We have supported many individuals and groups across the lifespan, and are also woven into a rich fabric of gifted practitioners to call on to support specific, individual experiences.

How much does this cost? Do you offer a sliding scale?

Central to the work of Youth Passageways, and the Education & Consulting Collective, is aligning our efforts with broader movements to transform systems of money and power affecting our lives, our communities, and our planet today. For more information and our rates, read Our Way With Money.

Can I do this as an individual, or do I have to be part of an organization?

The Youth Passageways' Education and Consulting Collective is here to support individuals as well as organizations. If you are actively working to bring meaningful passageways deeply and equitably into your life and/or into the fabric of community, this may be for you!

Some ways in which we work with individuals are: 

  • Support preparing for, navigating through, or returning from an initiatory experience or major life transition

  • Support in bringing a stronger equity and justice lens to your work

  • Support in finding resources and training to become a rite of passage guide

  • Guidance in the creation and design of ceremonial process/rite of passage for a group in your community, grounded in equity and belonging

The common core of all of our work is a shared commitment to preserving, evolving, and manifesting earth-based, anti-oppressive frameworks and practices to support the regeneration of healthy culture in all of its many expressions

Learn more at Who We Are and What We Offer and see if we are a good fit for you.

Do I have to be a YPW partner?

No...but why not become a Partner? Partnering with Youth Passageways is for practitioners, organizations, and communities building a world where all young people are nurtured and supported on their path to adulthood, Partnering with Youth Passageways does not carry specific responsibilities, but instead creates opportunities for relationship building and mutual support  Some partners create listings for our database, whereas others simply aid in the ongoing development of our community. Reach out to learn more  HERE.

I live in Kentucky, what opportunities are there for me?

Members of the Youth Passageways Education and Consulting Collective live in many different places, so our work is primarily conducted remotely via zoom and other technology, with on-site work when feasible and appropriate. This means that as long as you’ve got access to the internet or a phone line, we are available to work with you.

In the bigger picture, depending on where you are, connecting with others locally with similar visions or work can be challenging. Visit our “Find an Experience” page to search by geographic location, and also reach out to us to see if we know of others in your region. And, side note, it is also a gift when you put Youth Passageways in touch with local efforts--this helps to build the network and make offerings more accessible for those looking.

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