Are you looking to ground your activist work in healing practices, including rites of passage? Or perhaps to ground your healing and rites of passage work in equity, justice, and accountability? Are you looking for tools to help foster health and resilience in yourself, your family, and your community, during these times of uprisings, pandemics, and climate change?  Are you seeking support with fires big and small in your life and in your organization? 

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, we are here for you! We help partners, organizers, educators, youth, families, and the general public re-weave essential components of individual and cultural wellness.

The ECC offers many opportunities rooted in practices that the YPW network has been preserving, evolving, and regenerating. This includes rites of passage, holistic sexuality, healing from whiteness, ancestral recovery, transformative justice, culturally-relevant ceremonial design, and more.  

You might be: 

    • A leader of a YPW partner group (or new partner!) seeking training, consulting, or facilitation for you, your staff, or volunteers.
    • A YPW partner interested in collaborating on a program for the public.
    • An individual navigating personal or familial transition and seeking support.
    • An individual wanting to become a rite of passage guide.
    • An individual or group looking to build a rites of passage offering.
    • An individual wanting a stronger equity and justice lens in their wor .
    • A YPW  partner seeking technical support, financial management, design support, and more.
    • Wild card - you tell us what you are looking for!


  • Equity work in rite of passage practices

  • Culturally-appropriate ceremonial design

  • Transformative justice (including conflict transformation support and culture development)

  • Council and other social technologies

  • Guidance on individual initiatory journeys

  • Ancestral healing and recovery

  • Mobilizing resource flow (aka fundraising and financial management)

  • Threshold experiences and ceremonial forms from different lineages

  • Developmentally-oriented sexuality & intimacy education for pre-teens and up

  • Gender & sexuality equity for LGBTQ2IA+, Queer & Trans communities

  • Rite of passage program development

  • Anti-racism and anti-oppression education


  • Holistic Sexuality

  • Cross-Cultural Protocols in Rites of Passage

  • Restoring Rites of Passage: Untangling the Threads of the Past

  • Cultural Habitat Restoration

  • The Ecology Of Power And Privilege

  • Right Relations In Rites Of Passage

  • 13 Moons: A Year-Long Self & Nature Guided Initiatory Journey

  • Formats vary depending on interest, from short evening storytelling presentations to hour-long consulting sessions to multi-day field-based programs or workshops (as well as web based).

Consulting, Mentoring, and Coaching

Personalized guidance for yourself, your organization, or your community.

“After nearly 40 years of offering youth rites of passage programs, we at The Ojai Foundation engaged a process of reimagining where to from here. How might we provide for today's youth? What is most relevant now? Youth Passageways has expanded this conversation and inquiry in critical ways that are essential to our future. Their knowledge and perspective in this arena are unparalleled.” - Shay Sloan, Co-Director, TOF

Our work with individuals often looks like:

  • In depth support in how to become a rite of passage guide
  • Guidance in the creation and design of rites of passage and other ceremonies 
  • Support and accountability in bringing a stronger equity and justice lens to your work, and/or exploring and addressing issues of social positioning, healing, and responsibility
  • Support in connecting with your lineage/ancestry
  • Leadership coaching

Our work with organizations often looks like: 

  • Guidance in the creation and design of ceremonial process/rite of passage for a group in your community
  • Support and accountability in bringing a stronger equity and justice lens to your work
  • Providing technical support in financial management, design support, and more

Please take a look at the facilitator’s page, where you’ll find more information about each member of the ECC. Our facilitators sometimes work one-on-one, and sometimes we work in teams. You can connect with us through this simple contact form


Strengthen your program, organization, or community.

In our efforts toward collaboration, we are inspired by the ecological concept of an ecotone. An ecotone is a transition area where two communities meet and integrate. 

Our collaborative offerings are like ecotones, where your organizational or community culture meets the culture of Youth Passageways.  Something new is possible in this ecotone--which neither of us could create on our own. Collaborations can take the form of services Youth Passageways offers to support your work, or working together to collaboratively offer new experiences or trainings to our broader communities.  

Some Examples:

You can connect with us through this simple contact form.

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