What your Gift will Fund

Youth Passageways is proud of its accomplishments to date and there are exciting things being planned for 2017 and beyond. Below are three of the most significant tasks underway already for the next year that need your support:

  • Ending the 2017 Webinar Series and moving into an even broader range of topics in 2018 including even more extensive trainings and offerings.
  • Hosting the second annual International Day of Reflection and Dialogue around: rites of passage, intergenerational relationships, and how we’re building and tending to healthy communities.
  • Using the momentum of the Day of Dialogue to aid existing partners with pre-existing regional infrastructures in establishing 3-10 regional hubs to build collective energy and knowledge at the community level.
  • Expansion of our network ambassador program to 5 continents.
  • Producing new resources, and information including 2 new issues of Confluence Journal dealing with themes relevant to the times and on the ground realities of our partner base and the communities they serve.
  • Launching a more extensive public outreach campaign including the YouthVoice project taking a survey of youth experiences (or lack thereof) with healthy initiatory practices and the needs as they themselves are expressing.