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I’m sitting in the men’s bathroom. I’ve got blood on my hands.

Here we go again.

I quickly realize that the closest sink is next to the urinals.

Who will see me this time?

Will they say hello? Make eye contact?

Will they see my hands and know?

I sit there listening until someone leaves and think to myself, “Last time this happened, I couldn’t get the blood out from under my fingernails. It would be great to never have a period again. Ever.”

I made it to my office. My Boss comes in and tells me he needs to talk to me.

He pulls me into a conference room. Him and the lady from HR are telling me there are two contracts to choose from and I can pick which resignation I want to sign.

I place my pen down.

“Can I still apply for unemployment?”, I ask. To which they replied, “We won’t contest it.”

About the Author: Ash Mechtley - They / Them - He / Him

Dr. Ash Mechtley has. Ph.D. in Computational Science. He teaches biology, mathematics, and computer science. He has raised tens of thousands of dollars for local charities through his work as a Drag King. Ash runs the Pickle Palace Drag Lab, a nonprofit community space that allows people of all ages to explore the world of Drag and share resources. You can find Harry Pickle on Facebook and Instagram.

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