#mapthewateringholes – Connect, Contribute, Create!

This Summer, Youth Passageways ( YPW) is launching #mapthewateringholes, a project to celebrate the many and varied approaches to passageways from around the globe. We want to hear and share the many stories of our partners and to welcome new ones into our growing network. We think of the places where passageways are taking root as essential watering holes, where the community can gather to share nourishment, be seen and heard, and find true belonging.

We need maps that guide us towards that belonging, that connect us to the places that nourishment exists! At the core of our efforts is to grow our comprehensive globally searchable database making it easy and accessible for anyone, anywhere to find experiences and work in their neighborhoods or on whole other continents. Through bringing practitioners and their communities together, we see countless creative ways of stewarding and innovating how our young people are fostered and celebrated.

Help us map the places where the light shines bright! See how you can get involved below, from connecting us to new partners and participating in our partner’s circles, to expanding our resources and reach, to spreading the word about the watering holes map. This summer join us in our work to #mapthewateringholes!

Connect With Others to Spread the Light

Connect us with work that you already know about in your area. In these times, those points of connection are invaluable. Do you know of someone helping young people discern their gifts, integrate into their community, understand their values? Follow the connect icon and get in touch!

Contribute & Add to the Map Today!

Contribute to our campaign and help us get more experiences, offerings, and resources to young people hungry for them. It takes approximately 10 hours of work to initially bring in a new partner into the YPW community or about $200 and an additional 2-5 hours throughout the year in communication, collaboration, and capacity building. Starting this July, we’re trying to raise $14,700 to sustain this vital part of our work in the world, that is really at the heart of who and what we are, a connection point to the vast and diverse offerings and experiences of our amazing partners. 

Create Watering Holes of Your Own!

Help Create watering holes of your own through learning more about rites of passage, and engaging your community in dialogue through Passageways Day 2018Follow the connect icon to learn more!

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