the most effective changes are often the ones that start in our own homes and homeplaces. Wherever you are, it’s guaranteed to be a watering waiting to be uncovered. With fall right around the corner, the second annual Passageways Day is almost here, and with it, a perfect opportunity to do just that! On October 13th, wherever you find yourself, you’re invited to bring the conversation of initiation, mentorship, and fostering intergenerational relationships with those around you and to see what you can build together!

Learn more about Passageways Day or register your event HERE.

Interested in doing more? Take the #wateringholespledge!

  • I commit to sharing the #mapthewateringholes video with my community.
  • I commit to spending 1 evening a month for the remainder of 2018, exploring my and my community’s relationship to passageways or taking action toward building passageways in my community.
  • I commit to connecting at least 5 new offerings in my postal code to the YPW database by 12/31/18.
  • I commit to hosting a Passageways Day event on October 13th, 2018 and registering it HERE.

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In these times, our points of connection are invaluable.

One of the most important ways to help our young people is to connect them with strong mentors, initiatory experiences, and authentic dialogue. Do you know of someone helping young people discern their gifts, integrate into their community, understand their values? We’d love to know more – fill out the form below and help spread the light!

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