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New SC Members 2020

Dayvon Williams (he/him/his)

Based out of Los Angeles, Dayvon is a former foster youth and was incarcerated with a felony at age 18. He was sentenced to a year, but actually only spent 6-7 months in LA County Jail. Afterward, he spent over a year looking for employment and got involved in helping the community. Dayvon landed at the Youth Justice Coalition and began working with formerly incarcerated youth doing political and social justice work. Dayvon also was involved in acquiring from the Board of Supervisors $1 million to support former foster youth in the LGBTQ community. Dayvon attends Southwest Community College, serves on the Youth Passageways Stewardship Council, and volunteers at the Minority Aids Project. His dreams are to get a masters in social work, run a non-profit that promotes social justice, and be a homeowner and a leader in his community.


Katheryne Lewis (she/her/hers)

Like most beings of African descent, Katheryne’s ancestral journey and healing is an ongoing process. Her family was originally brought to the lands of the Muscogee/ Creek, Yamassee, and Seminole (Georgia and Florida), where many of them still remain. Wanting to honor her family’s legacy of determination, hard work, and resilience, a legacy that has afforded Katheryne an abundance of opportunities and gratitude, she finds herself pouring her energy into the work of protecting and empowering our younger generation. Her experience includes a background in conservation and trail work through Montana and Wyoming where she challenged the idea of who was a part of the movement to protect our nonhuman/ beyond-human world. Her latest endeavor was working at a horticultural rite of passage based program in Hawaii. She is currently studying ecopsychology to help youth foster a sense of environmental stewardship in efforts to build a sense of belonging and purpose within the communities that are often left out of the outdoors narrative.


Siri Gunnarson (she/her/hers)

Siri is a guide, council trainer, global citizen, and community steward. Interested in both new and ancient forms of education and learning, she has worked with LEAPNOW: Transforming Education and Naropa University’s Gap Year Program to support, develop and lead inner and outer journeys and rites of passage for youth. She is active with support of many places and projects around the world including Three Creeks, Tamera, The Ojai Foundation, School of Lost Borders, Youth Passageways, and Beyond Boundaries, an intergenerational ‘response team for our times’ She is passionate about love, community, anti-oppression and equity, embodiment and movement, and permaculture and water. Siri is a guide for the Young Adult fasts with the School of Lost Borders, connected in ceremony and training since 2009. Siri has been nomadic for most of her adult life – moving with purpose between projects with transformational vision, deepening in relationship with each return visit and interwoven cross-pollination. She is humbled daily, a deep believer in self-study as a way of insight into the human being and compassion for others.


Tarek Kutay (he/him/his)

Tarek was born in Duwamish territory/Seattle, WA into a family of travelers and activists, spending much of his early years exploring the world and working with progressive political organizations. He is an alumni of Franklin University Switzerland and the National Outdoor Leadership School, where he studied political science, environmental studies, and became a skilled outdoor leader. After graduating he began working in Guatemala as a transformational travel guide leading spiritual road trips throughout Central America, deepening people’s connection towards themselves, humanity, and nature. This experience eventually led him to co-creating an off-grid community and event space in Northern California and becoming an active member in the global underground festival community. Tarek now lives a nomadic lifestyle working as a rite of passage guide and producing music festivals. He believes journeys into the wilderness, transformational festival culture, and conscious traveling are important ways to awaken our truest selves and shift people toward living lives of genuine purpose, truth, healing, service, and celebration.


Lia Bentley (she/her/hers)

Lia is a dancer with a background in restorative justice, rites of passage and community development. She works for a dance and racial equity initiative called Movement Liberation, an herbal medicine business called Resonance Apothecary, and with young ones as a preschool teacher in the Bay Area, California. She dedicates herself to community health through her work as a writer and support for organizers, artists and healers.





Vianey Moreno (she/her/hers)
Coming Soon







Atlakatl Ce Tochtli Orozco (He, him, his)
Younger Wisdom Keeper

Tochtli is a Young Warrior at Tia Chuchas and we celebrate his entry into the Eagle Group of the  Peace and Dignity Journeys, where he and other indigenous peoples of these lands will be running from Alaska to Ecuador to join with the Condor group, South American  indigenous groups running north from Argentina. Wishing you blessings on your and your fellows’ journey!

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