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The Mankind Project

Kaysville, Utah, US

The ManKind Project offers men the opportunity to explore their lives, overcome obstacles, create new choices and embrace a healthy, powerful and peaceful masculinity. Our trainings, communities and circles of men encourage each man to bring his own wisdom and beliefs and to embody his most authentic potential. The ManKind Project (MKP) operates in over 38 localized communities in 7 countries. We are non-profit and not affiliated with any religious practice. Men from all walks of life and belief systems have gotten benefit from our trainings. Talk with a man who is involved with MKP to learn more.

We create a safer world by growing better men.

There are many ways to describe a ‘better’ man – conscious, awake, transformed, evolved, emotionally literate, connected, mature masculine, sacred masculine, living to his full potential … the authentic man.

We also call this man a New Warrior. The New Warrior takes on the most important battle of our time – the battle to overcome the obstacles that keep each of us from living our potential. This potential manifests in healthy relationships, openness and honesty, accountability and integrity, connection to community and an embodied sense of purpose in the world.

We offer these services among many others:

  • The New Warrior Training Adventure
  • Leadership Training Modules I, II, III
  • Intro to Personal Leadership
  • Ism’s and Issues – Multicultural Training
  • Primary Integration Training
  • Basic Staff Development Training

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