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Bright & Beautiful Girl Project

Guiyang, Guizhou, CN

The Story of the Bright and Beautiful Girl Project: Business major Juliet met film student Chenxi on Semester at Sea in Spring 2013. During their journey around the world, they saw girls in developing countries suffering from child marriage, sex trafficking, and other such atrocities. They began to meditate on how to bring change to the global girl community in a social innovative way. Influenced by the Unreasonable Institute and the documentary Half the Sky, Juliet and Chenxi embarked on their mission.

Juliet and Chenxi decided to launch the project in China. Teaming up with good friends who are also passionate about the same cause, they went to rural Yunan to better understand the girls’ needs.

The team encountered three groups of girls who are different in age and education levels. By conversing with them, the team then realized that the girls’ needs are far beyond material goods. Instead, they need care, love, and societal value. Most of all, they need education, the kind that enables them to create the change they want to see for themselves.

Bright and Beautiful Girl Project (B&B Project) believes that all girls are bright and beautiful because they carry the soul of the universe with beauty and grace. It makes documentaries for girls in rural China on the reality they face, the life they are longing for, and the change they expect. B&B puts a QR code that links to the documentary of the girl on the uniquely designed Tees. By purchasing the story-Tee, people can share the girls’ story via the QR code, which spreads the girls voice and helps raise society’s awareness on educating girls. The money B&B raises from the tees goes directly to help the girls with their self-growth.

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