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Buffalo Visions

Lame Deer, Montana, US

Buffalo Vision’s mission is working to uplift our Northern Cheyenne youth and all who visit through teaching our cultural traditions and skills, connecting them with the land and welcoming cross-cultural exchanges with youth and mentors of kindred communities.

Buffalo Visions guides youth into connection with Spirit, culture, and the land. Drug and alchohol use, suicide, and trauma are rampant in our community. We offer these camps as a window into what was, is, and can be for our people. We are a very grass-roots effort guided by Sharon Blackwolf’s long-term dream and commitment. The camp was re-ignited in 2019 through relationships formed within the Youth Passageways network. That summer, a diverse group of youth and adults traveled from Los Angeles and Washington State to Lame Deer, Montana for a work party, cross-cultural gathering, and traditional skills camp. In work and ceremony, they were side by side with Northern Cheyenne youth and elders. The bonds we formed with the LA youth were strong and a great blessing to all involved.

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Lame Deer, Montana, US 59043