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Sandstone Community Care: Cascade Canyon Teen Residential

Cascade, Colorado, US

Teen Residential Treatment

Cascade Canyon is a residential treatment center designed specifically for teens struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders. We help teens learn a healthy way to handle the daily challenges of their lives.

Program Philosophy

To Get Well, You Have To Get Moving

Our therapy is not the sofa-based, teeth-pulling kind. We use experiential therapy, which means we incorporate movement to connect both body and mind. Our therapists turn activities like horseback riding, hiking, or playing music into effective counseling sessions.

Program Highlights

  • Academic Support: We provide robust academic support by certified and credentialed teachers to ensyure clients stay up to date. Clients spend every morning catching up on schoolwork in the onsite classroom.
  • Individualized Treatment Plans: Treatment plans are customized to address what is going with you, whether its mental health, trauma, and/or substance use. After hearing from you about what you want to change and what your goals are, we create a treatment plan centered around you.
  • Aftercare Planning: If you are local to Colorado and need further treatment, we will have you step down into our continuum of care, either with day treatment or intensive outpatient programming. If you are out of state, we help you get set up with appropriate treatment, make referrals and facilitate a warm handoff to your new treatment team.

Learning About Life & Resilience

Our program is centered around our four-week group process topics that help teens understand they have the resources they need to heal themselves.

Week 1: Looking Inward
During the “looking inward” week, teens focus on self-discovery and looking at their true identity. The groups during this week will cover topics like labels, core values, beliefs, how they identify themselves, how others define them, and other topics revolving around who they are as people.

Week 2: Looking Outward
The main focus on week two is relationships. Teens will take a closer look at the importance of boundaries, types of communication, identifying support systems, dating, and familial relationships.

Week 3: Looking Upward
During week three, teens focus on cognitive function and emotional wellness. Topics for the week include things like brain development, mindfulness, forgiveness, acceptance, healing from trauma, nutrition, emotional regulation, and self expression.

Week 4: Looking Forward
The main focus of week four is implementing and living life differently. The goal of this week is to support clients as they transition from being in a residential setting to home. Some of the topics they cover during week four include “what to do when I’m not in residential treatment”, making and maintaining good decisions, creating a declaration of self-acceptance, understanding mental health and understanding addiction.

Organizational Information


Cascade, Colorado, US 80809