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Challenge Day

Concord, California, US

Challenge Day is the world leader in providing empowering and transformational workshops for teens and adults.  Challenge Day’s life changing programs create a safe, open, and caring space for people to connect in a nurturing and fun group environment, helping participants realize they are not alone in the issues they face (bullying, drugs, violence, abuse, poverty, prejudice, racism, etc.).  This provides real empathy and real hope, leads to deep and enduring relationships among participants, and catalyzes them to “be the change” in the world.  Participants often describe their experience with Challenge Day as “the best day of my life.”  Challenge Day is the recipient of numerous awards, and is a trusted and respected organization as evidenced by coverage in well-known media such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, MTV, San Francisco Chronicle, Wash. Post, and the book Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul.

In 28 years, our programs have served millions of people across the world.

We offer the following programs:

For Schools:

  • Challenge Day Program
  • Challenge Day Assembly
  • Graduation Challenge Day
  • Teacher Development Program
  • Be the Change Follow-Up Curriculum

For Businesses:

  • Challenge Day for Workplaces
  • Being the Change Workshop for Workplaces

Individual Workshops:

  • Being the Change Workshop
  • Living the Change Workshop
  • Couples Workshop

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