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Christian Kirchmair

Strobl, Salzburg, AT

Nature plays a fundamental role in our lives. She teaches and reflects many things and leads us back to our roots again and again. This bond with nature supports us in the simplest possible way to reflect on the essentials.

With my offerings, I would like to give you the space and the time to find your own way and to meet yourself lovingly and attentively.

Vision Search or Initiation is like the door to a chamber where the secret is kept. I would like to invite you to pay a visit to yourself, to search through your personal secrets and to become aware of your wholeness.

I am glad if you contact me and I am at your disposal for any questions.


Vision Search:
Vision Quest for ALL
Visions-Search for men
Visions-Search for young adults
Visions-Search for Young & Older

Youth Seminars 2018:
Life, Love and Me Part 1
Life, Love and Me Part 4

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Strobl, Salzburg, AT 5350