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Courageous Hearts Youth Services, Inc.

Los Angeles, California, US

We are a Nonprofit, For Purpose organization with a mission to educate and empower at-risk youth for a life of success and fulfillment. We work towards the following purposes:

  1. We intend to help evolve the country’s educational system to include curriculum that encourages Youth in leading a life of both outer success, as well as, INNER fulfillment.
  2. We intend to support Equal Opportunity for ALL Youth to actualize their inherent potential.
  3. We intend to participate in supporting the expansion of a judicial system that is rooted in forgiveness and redemption.
  4. We intend to participate in and inspire full Community involvement and investment in each child’s health, well-being, and actualization.
  5. We intend to share the principles and practices of Spiritual Psychology with the purpose and vision of reducing suffering and increasing Peace in the current and future generations of our Youth.

Towards this aim, we offer the following programs and/or projects:

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Los Angeles, California, US 90025