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DeAnna L’am – Red Tents in Every Neighborhood

Sebastopol, California, US

In 1995 DeAnna L’am coined the term ‘INNER MAIDEN’ as a result of recognizing the deep need in all women for soothing, healing, and reclaiming the adolescent girl within, who may have never been welcomed into womanhood.

She founded Red Moon School of Empowerment for Women & Girls™ in 1994, and launched Red Tents In Every Neighborhood Global Network in 2010. Now there are certified Red Moon facilitators in Spain, Israel, Germany, Italy, Chile, Mexico, USA, and Canada, and Members all over the world. This takes the form of Long-Distance global trainings, 1 on 1 work with women, Red Tent Activation workshops & Certifications, and offering Mother-Daughter programs to bring young girls into flourishing womanhood.

The mission of Red Moon is:

  • Inspiring Women & Girls To Love Themselves Unconditionally!
  • Helping women dissolve PMS by reclaiming menstruation as source of personal power and spiritual renewal
  • Guiding mothers in the art of welcoming their daughters to empowered womanhood
  • Training women to hold Red Tents in their communities
  • Spearheading ‘Red Tents In Every Neighborhood’ – A GLOBAL NETWORK devoted to bringing RED TENTS to every CITY, TOWN, VILLAGE & COMMUNITY!

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Sebastopol, California, US 95473