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Fathering Adventures

Townsville, Queensland, AU

Fathering Adventures‘… … is a social enterprise, founded back in July 2008, devoted to experientially equipping, empowering, & encouraging men to be “intentional” in their role as fathers… to…

1. Intentionally forge a strong & healthy relationship with each of their children (sons & daughters… separately though of course), and or other children… turning the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers,
2. At the appropriate age… intentionally guide, bless, release, initiate, and launch those children (sons and daughters… separately though of course), into authentic, healthy, and life-giving adulthood… putting childish ways behind them, and talking, thinking, and reasoning as adults.

We fulfil that mission through the facilitation of Father-Son and Father-Daughter Adventure experiences, throughout Australia (Tropical North Queensland, South-East Queensland, NSW, & Victoria), and wherever there is sufficient demand for us to do so.

In all of our Adventure experiences, we always incorporate education for the fathers, when the children are aged 7-13 years inclusive, and education for the fathers and children together, when the children are aged 13 years & over – no maximum age limit.

Dr Robert Lewis and John Eldredge have been mentors to me personally, and my work has been developed around their teachings, and my own journey as a man / father.

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