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Feet on the Earth Programs

Boulder, Colorado, US

Feet On The Earth is committed to awakening children and adults to a deeper relationship with nature, self, community, and the magic of life through long-term, nature-connection mentoring and community-based, wilderness rites of passage.

Our vision is to help raise young people who are ready to meet life’s challenges and be of service in the world: youth who have a positive sense of themselves; who know what their gifts are; feel deeply connected with nature; have strong community support; and are full of resilience and vitality.

Our mission is to offer authentic rites of passage for youth within the context of a community of deeply nature-connected individuals and families. We do this by hosting community events and providing long-term nature-connection mentoring for children and adults as a way to build community and deep connection with nature. As youth come of age, they are invited, with their families, to participate a nature-based rites of passage experience that is held by the community.

We offer “single-sex” and co-ed programs for children up to age 10. From age 11 to 15, most often we split based on gender identity into separate programs, because the middle school years are such an important time for building a positive sense of identity and affinity group based programs, woven with coming together in co-ed gatherings, best meet this need. These programs lay a foundation that will prepare youth for a community-supported, wilderness rites of passage between ages 14-17. After their rites of passage, participants are invited to join our teen leadership programs that include gender identity based councils with adult mentors and community members. We also provide training for adults and families in earth-living skills, deep nature connection mentoring, and rites of passage ceremonies.

We currently offer:

  • summer camps
  • weekly after school programs for children 7-14 years old
  • weekly programs for families that unschool/homeschool
  • monthly teen overnights
  • youth rites of passage
  • skill classes for adults and families
  • coming of age and rites of passage training for adults
  • custom programs and trainings by request

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