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Green Arrow CoLab

, California, US

Green Arrow Co-Lab provides an alternative and progressive juvenile justice solution that helps individuals connect to nature, build confidence, and explore their passions.
Currently, we are offering a gardening and mindfulness program and looking for partners to help build a Healing Center to end mass incarceration for youth and young people.
This is a restorative and holistic-healing solution based on bringing the body and soul back to nature and self. By allowing participants to heal traumas and develop a strong sense of self and wholeness they are better positioned to succeed in today’s world.
Green Arrow is focused on healing the whole self through restorative and mindfulness practices to prepare participants for a future of success. Our core programs will include key components to build skill-sets and assist with reentry:

  • Various trauma healing modalities
  • Decolonization, racial theory and native practices
  • Sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices
  • Passion exploration and job training
  • Leadership development
  • 1:1 Case Management and group healing circles
  • Outside business partnerships for job placement

We come to you! Our goal is to work in conjunction with schools, prisons, juvenile detention centers, community spaces, and after-school programs. Each program is tailored to its specific location and focuses on each participant as an individual as well as the group dynamic and connection.
To achieve our bigger vision, we are actively developing a Healing Center for intensive healing and transformation that will act as a reentry facility and/or diversion program for those facing possible sentencing.

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