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Queer Odyssey

El Cerrito, California, US

My passions are Queering Rites of Passage, and Queer/Gender Justice.

I support partners through conversations, training and consulting. I am devoted to my LGBTQ2IA+ kin and creating accessible, inclusive spaces for those most impacted by systemic oppression. Creating Brave Spaces for queer & trans youth, such as the Queer Quests being offered through Rite of Passage Journeys and continuing to build bridges between queer and trans communities and Youth Passageways.

I want to assure that meaningful, healthy initiatory experiences are available for queer and trans youth.

I have been working with Partners, such as Rite of Passage Journeys & Gaia Girls. Providing guidance in establishing standards for accessibility in current ROP programs & experiences, as well as, assisting with specific programs & experiences designed for Queer, Transgender & Gender-Diverse people.

I’m looking for Queer & Trans Guides interested in being part of a cohort & those interested in Guiding with me. Lets gather!

As an older adult queer person I hold as a responsibility to younger queer & trans people (Guides & participants alike) to create opportunities for us to come together in a shared experience. This is in large part why I created Queer Odyssey.

I am a member of the YPW Stewardship Council & Education & Consulting Collective. In this collective, we are each carrying our own particular areas of practice related to Rites of Passage. Some of the areas include: Ancestral Recovery; Unpacking Power, Privilege, and Oppression; Holistic Sexuality; Transformative Justice; and Foundations in Rites of Passage.

Through systems of reciprocity, the Youth Passageways Education & Consulting Collective gets important and relevant information, training, resources, and healing opportunities into the lives of our partners, youth, and their closest kin and family.

This uplifts rites of passage in our communities as a whole, while simultaneously building steady streams of revenue that grow the YPW network’s capacity to respond to urgent, emergent requests from historically marginalized partners.

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