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Kruti Parekh

Los Angeles, California, US

Kruti Parekh is a Coach for Healing & Justice.  Currently she is coaching leaders in the healing and justice arenas to improve personal and community outcomes.  She has been working synergistically with young people and families in the most marginalized communities in both New York and Los Angeles for 20 years. Kruti’s experience includes: Coach for Healing & Justice for YouthBuild Charter School of California and Sisterhood Rising Leadership Retreat, adult ally at the Youth Justice Coalition, organizing to transform the juvenile and criminal injustice systems; director for youth programs, including YouthBuild, Teen Court and domestic violence accountability. She would like to use her experience to help create the necessary infrastructural changes within Los Angeles County to prevent harm, death and incarceration and increase health, peace and justice.  Kruti has a Bachelor’s Degree from Brandeis University, Masters Degree in Social Worker from Hunter College, a self-proclaimed PhD (People’s health Degree) from the Youth Justice Coalition and a Coaching for Transformation Certification from Leadership That Works.  Her goal is to help people bring voice to the things that sometimes get caught between their chest and their throat and to transform spaces of harm and violence into solace and serenity.

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