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Maiden Star*

Nelson, British Columbia, CA

The Maiden Star* program was born in 2011 when Delia Aaron and Raina Gardner realized that a girl’s coming of age was not being supported or celebrated in our culture. A girl’s Menarche, or first menstruation, is such a critical window in her life, and much of her self-confidence, body image, and personal strength is actualized through the way she is encouraged to flourish during this transformational time.

In traditional cultures, a girl’s transition to young womanhood is honoured with ceremony, as well as new rights and responsibilities in the community. A girl will remember her first period, or “moontime”, for her entire life, and we hope to provide each girl and her mother with the tools, knowledge, and safe space to ensure that her Menarche is a beautiful, empowering rite of passage.

We offer experiential-education based coming of age girls programs through art, crafts, nature, movement, and self-awareness exercises.

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Nelson, British Columbia, CA V1L 5R3