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Marisa (Sasa) Taborga Byrne

Seattle, Washington, US

Marisa (Sasa) Taborga Byrne, born and raised in California, comes from an Irish, German, Bolivian and Spanish lineage. She is a Nature Connection Guide, Rites of Passage Facilitator and Holistic Sexual Health Educator. Marisa has been working with youth since she was one herself, and began to hold ceremonial rites of passage for adolescents and adults in 2012. She has worked for Pacific Quest in Hawaii, Rites of Awareness and Outside now in California, and Rites of Passage Journeys in Washington. As a recipient of the powerful healing attributes of nature, she is a strong advocate for soul discovery in the wild. Marisa is now fully dedicated to empowering youth through the lens of holistic sexual health education, believing that education is the preventative medicine of potential trauma and the key to fully embracing and embodying our wild, natural selves.

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