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National Rites of Passage Institute

East Cleavland, Ohio, US

Rites of Passage, as a developmental and transformational process, is culturally specific – not universal. It is based on the premise that a group must recognize and affirm itself before it is able to share and appreciate the differences of others.

Rites of Passage also recognizes that entry into adult life involves the realization of social obligations and the assumption of responsibility for meeting them. Initiation sets a time on the journey for bringing individuals into formal and explicit relations with their kindred. It strengthens social ties for the day that they will be tested.

Rites of Passage not only provides self development and cultural awareness, it fosters a sense of belonging. Adolescents will become part of community life; not persons alone, lacking support, sanction, and purpose.

The National Rites of Passage Institute (NROPI), in collaboration with communities, organizations, practitioners and scholars, has been elevating the value of culturally-based Rites of Passage in youth and community development for more than 30 years.

NROPI is a national hub, a cultural learning center and a clearinghouse for providing information, training, programming, technical assistance, consulting, assessment and intentional conversations on African-centered Rites of Passage for child, youth and community development.

One of the major goals of NROPI is to be a voice for African-centered Rites of Passage in conversations, nationally and internationally, on child and youth development and village building.

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