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Oaks Counsel

Santa Fe , New Mexico, US

Oaks Counsel is a counseling and initiation ceremony program I am developing to offer to adults, young adults and adolescents for the development of Self!

The individual and family therapies are uniquely oriented to each client. This practice will be geared toward youth  13-18 years of age of all genders; and young adults of all genders 18-22 years of age.

We have lost community and rites of passage practices, and because of this we find our youth contemplating suicide, practicing self harm, drinking and smoking to extremes, addicted to their technology and epidemic high rates of depression and anxiety; we find our adults feeling stressed and unhappy, over worked in positions they hate, wondering how they ever got into such role and turning to unhealthy ways of coping, and we find our elders ignored when they still have much to offer the world.  We have forgotten that we are all incredibly vital to this world and each other.  It is in the process of rites of passage and nature based practices that brings all people to the circle to share their stories with each other in order to remember who we are, how we connect to ourselves and the world around us. And it is in intergenerational circles that we can hold each other into becoming who we are meant to become.  This work, no matter what you bring to it, it brings passage to you.

  • Services Offered:
  • Individual, Family, and Group therapy
  • Rites of Passage
  • Nature-Based Healing Methods
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Psychodrama
  • Art Therapy Inspired Techniques,
  • All sessions incorporate Client Centered, Humanistic, DBT, CBT, Jungian, NPL, Transpersonal, Gestalt, and Somatic Experience Trauma therapies.

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Santa Fe , New Mexico, US 87505