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Queer Asterisk

Boulder, Colorado, US

Queer Asterisk is a team of queer and trans therapists and educators serving LGBTQPIA communities in Boulder, Denver, and Longmont, Colorado. We offer quality and affordable therapeutic services, community gatherings, and online media content to strengthen the communities we serve. We also provide innovative educational services to enhance the safety and inclusion of marginalized identities within the larger community.

Queer Asterisk provides a variety of therapeutic services for LGBTQPIA folx who identify as lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer/questioning, pan, intersex, agender/asexual or non-conforming and their allies. We use the acronym LGBTQPIA for all of us who identify outside the heteronormative bubble while acknowledging that there are a multitude of ways to describe this vibrant and resilient conglomeration of marginalized communities with so many intersecting identities.

Our community gatherings provide spaces for LGBTQPIA individuals to socialize, form meaningful relationships, connect, learn, and grow with each other. We create safer spaces for individuals to be witnessed in community, and for young people to experience loving and empowering support. Our groups include Transgender Support Groups, Parents of Transgender Children Support Groups, LGBT Recovery Support Groups, Queer Conversations, Book & Film Club, Writing Group, Shopping Trips, and much more.

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