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Regenco, LandTime

Manaton, Devon, GB

Initiating a deeper relationship with Nature.

Landtime and Landtime Quests for Vision & Self-Healing,

Supportive time in the Wilds for adults and young adults.

LandTime is a modern version of an ancient practice, an opportunity for deep reflection living close to the Land with the support of experienced others.

We all need time with the Land, and time to land. At this time when so much great  change is upon us – economic, individual, ecological, LandTime offers the chance to practice a variety of land living skills (working with fire, craft and harvests according to season) whilst fed from the rich wells of mythology, indigenous wisdom, questwork and rites of passage, time-honoured guides to support us in our core questions, lives and unfolding journey.

Shorter LandTimes offer an introduction to rites of passage, where as the longer which include significant solo quest with greater preparation can be used to mark significant changes and transitions we have gone or are going through.

Jeremy Thres and team offer experiential processes, seed planting talks, training and consultancy in relation to this work.

Jeremy  has been involved in work of this Nature for many years, first in wilderness based exchanges to Russia, gradually building into rites of passage experience. Steven Foster and Meredith Little have been key teachers for him as has been encounters with various earth and people cherishing elders, Martin Prechtel and Thich Naht Hahn important among them. He has training in outdoor first aid, core process psychotherapy (the Karuna Institute) and is continually learning through experience with people and the Land.

Recent experience has been working in support of and learning from and with Lifebeat an organisation offering creative and increasingly nature oriented youth camps for 14-18 year olds. Though not put out as  rites of passage per se, these week long camps are very supportive and transformational for so many of the great diversity of young people attending, and also a great training for staff due to the presence of so many experienced youth workers.

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