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Rooted Emerging

Bellingham, Washington, US

“To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul.” – Simone Weil

Life, in its brilliance and ecstasy, is forever urging us forward. In every moment we are moving towards the outer edge of a realm we have known… and then we break through. Once we outgrow the reaches of our sphere, the world cracks open, revealing so much more than we ever imagined. We move from the womb to a land of soil and air, from a child’s body into a sexually mature being, from life as a single soul in the world to one intricately connected to the life of another.

Times of transition are inherently vulnerable and also latent with potential power. When we are connected to the earth, and each other, during these times, we emerge stronger and more resilient on the other side.

Our mission is empowering youth and families through sexual maturity & adolescence with nature-based, community-focused rites of passage.  We strive to create the elements of a healthy culture by joyfully coming together to support one another during times of transition. The world over, cultures have taken time to stop and recognize the immense changes we all intermittently face. The need to be seen and acknowledged in our growth is still very real. We work to recreate the tribal practice of gathering around each other during these times, to give reassurance, and to integrate this member with a new social status.

To create a sense of connection we offer private meetings, experiences with others undergoing similar changes, soulful health and sexuality education, and the chance to be witnessed and celebrated. We provide meaningful experiences in the natural world to reinforce the larger connection to our place and home in modern wilderness.

Offerings Include: 

Council of the Animals – an introductory event for families, with a free all-ages show and workshops for ages 9 – 12
Spring Rite of Passage Program – for girls & boys (including self-identified) ages 11 – 14. The heart of our work which marks the passage into adolescence with outdoor adventure, archery, soulful sexuality education, parent circles, a blessing ceremony, solo overnight vigil for youth and honoring celebration to close.
Love’s Fool – a celebration of the divinely imperfect journey of the heart. Adults of all ages share stories of their foibles in early romantic love and audience members ages 12 & up vote to select “Love’s Fool” who is crowned with Jester’s hat and bestowed with prizes.

Our vision is a vibrant, healthy adult community into which youth may be joyfully welcomed. We strive to support the network of child, family and community through workshops, guided challenge and  celebrations of honor. We value compassion, emotional health and literacy, integrity, speaking one’s truth and the honoring of many paths. We encourage a personal connection to the sacred, the power of ritual, the joy of festival and celebration of our inner and outer wilderness. We envision a world of empowered young adults, healthy relationships and the blossoming of a renewed and thriving culture. We hope you will join us!

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