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Sacred Groves

Bainbridge Island, Washington, US

Sacred Groves is a ten acre forest sanctuary located on Bainbridge Island, in Washington state, a little  eco-retreat  run by Thérèse Charvet and Tere Carranza. It is a place to deepen your relationship with Mother Earth and your personal spirituality. Here you can reconnect yourself body, heart and mind, also with Mother Earth and Great Spirit.

We welcome guests to the land for overnight stays, personal retreats, ceremonies and other events that open our hearts in the healing green of the woods. Lodging and most events are open to men and women. Women’s Mysteries School events are for women only.

Sacred Groves is not affiliated with any particular religion. The events here include elements of ritual from earth-based spiritual traditions in North America, Africa and pre-Christian Europe. They have been inspired by mentors like Sobonfu SomeJoanna MacyStarhawk, our relationship with Mother Earth, and co-creative community-based drumming and ritual groups dedicated to re-connecting with the sacredness of the Earth and all beings.


We offer a variety of ceremonies, circles and classes here at the Groves, inspired by our personal interests, training and gifts, all of them with the intention of connecting us to Spirit, opening our hearts, expanding our souls, getting our bodies outdoors on Mother Earth, and sharing authentically with a community of like-minded others.

Women and Men welcome to join us for……

  • Seasonal Sweatlodges
  • Grief Ritual Retreat
  • Quests at Ekone Ranch
  • Journeying into Elderhood: Becoming a Wisdom Keeper
  • Compassionate Listening Trainings

For Women Only:

  • Earth Mothers Circle   –monthly
  • Womens Red Tent  –every 2-3 months
  • Annual Womens Mysteries Retreat–a ‘Welcome to Womanhood’ Ceremony for women of all ages who did not have this in adolescence
  • Holistic Pelvic Care  –by special appointment

To hear a podcast about who we are and what we do, click HERE.

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Bainbridge Island, Washington, US 98110