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School of All Relations

Aegina, Sterea Ellada, GR

The School of All Relations is an educational program for international youth aged 18-25, based on the Greek Island of Aegina. Rooted in nature and global community, SOAR creates a space to deepen connection to ourselves, others and the to the world. SOAR’s pilot program will run in the Autumn of 2015.

At SOAR we hold of central importance the relationship between the inner and the outer, or the vertical and the horizontal dimensions. We see the state of division of our world as the result of an initial deep separation, between the inside, the subjective, the visible, the tangible and the outside, the objective, the invisible, the intangible.

Our aim is to proceed towards a reunion. Thus we believe that in order to be fruitful, our work in the world cannot be dissociated from our work within ourselves. At the heart of our approach, a practice of mindfulness, in which we will try to listen to the inner resonance of every gesture, every situation, every interaction, will underlie all our daily activities.

Therefore the school will primarily be a laboratory in which, whether trainers or trainees, we will all first and foremost be apprentices of Life, co-travellers in the Mystery of existence.

  • Community life will be our field of experimentation.
  • Meditation and body practices will offer us our grounding in verticality.
  • Sharing circles will allow us to exchange, to support and to learn from each other.
  • Teachings from the great spiritual traditions will inspire and found our effort.
  • Knowledge and tools gained in the courses and workshops will refine and structure our practice.
  • Immersion in nature will ground our connection to ourselves, others and  the planet.

We believe that in order to be fruitful, our work in the world cannot be dissociated from the work that takes place within ourselves. 

Core Practices of SOAR will be:

  • Awareness practices
  • Body Work
  • Sharing Circles
  • Trainings in the Arts of Relation
  • Hands on experiences & working with the land
  • Change-making in the local community
  • Connection & immersion in nature

Organizational Information