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Springhouse Community School

Floyd, Virginia, US

Springhouse Community School is an independent learner-centered environment that supports 7th through 12th grade students to discover their unique gifts and become passionate problem-solvers, skilled innovators, effective collaborators, and articulate leaders. Springhouse also offers programs that foster the holistic development of youth, young adults, and adults.


We believe rites of passage (i.e. the preparation and marking of one’s transition from one phase of development to the next) are critical for today’s youth and culture at large. We honor the transition between childhood and adolescence through our Tides and Ridgelines programs as well as the passage from adolescence to young adulthood in our Blue Ridge Passage trip. Now enrolling for our 2019 spring and summer programs.

Our rites of passage programming supports both the young people and their parents. In order for teens to transition from childhood to adolescence in a healthy way, parents and other adults in the community must be involved. It is natural and developmentally appropriate that, during adolescence, a young person’s focus shifts away from their families and moves toward their peer relationships and social status. It is the role of the parents to let them go, while it is the responsibility of the community to receive the child and mentor them during this turbulent and creative time. 

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To reimagine the purpose and practice of education by fostering the holistic development of youth, young adults and adults

A culture of lifelong learning where people feel true belonging themselves, their community and the Earth

We value connection with self, each other, and the Earth. We care for ourselves so that we can be of greater service to our community and committed stewards of the Earth.

We value complexity and see individuality and diversity as a part of life. We see each person as unique with a gift to offer this world, and we understand that the acceptance and inclusion of difference leads to authentic expression and a stronger community.

We value the innate creativity and possibility for transformation in all that is living. We invite curiosity through hands-on learning, adventure, and asking questions, and understand that this openness to newness is the foundation of creativity.

We value the courage it takes to move toward challenge as an opportunity for learning and growth, and we understand the importance of learning skills to navigate difficulty and vulnerability.

We value the integrity that comes from being honest with oneself and with each other. We understand that we are responsible for ourselves and cultivate the discipline it takes to tend to our personal growth and serve the world around us accordingly.

We value the unknown and have faith in our human potential. We understand that, for what is true to emerge in any context, we must trust ourselves, each other, and the journey itself.


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