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The Journey Network

Stadt, Berlin, DE

The Journey Network is about the process of uncovering who you really are. We see this as a journey of initiation; one in which you transform and are ‘reborn’ into a new self-understanding and role.

Many cultures had specific ways to help their young on this journey. Usually these ways would entail some kind of stepping out of the community. A ‘leaving home’ to explore yourself and the world, with the aim of gaining a deep understanding of ‘Who am I?’ and bringing back new perspectives and insights.

There is not so much support for this journey nowadays. Our education is mostly designed to help you take on a role and fit in. Many of us however feel the innate call and create an own journey by breaking free and traveling into the world, for weeks, months or sometimes even years.

The Journey Network (TJN) is stepping into this gap and offers a way to approach travels as an initiatory journey. Not by taking over the excitement of going out there on your own. But by offering a perspective and a network to support. We believe with intention your travels can change from a great experience after which you go back to ‘business as usual’ to a journey from which you return ‘reborn’ with a deepened understanding of who you are, empowered with perspectives and insights to help contribute to a better world.

Our dream is to make this journey an integral part of our culture, so that taking distance from the rat race and looking deeply inside become an integral part of our way. We believe this is crucial to help us humans to find a way to live in balance with each other and with nature.

We don’t know yet exactly what The Journey Network will or should look like. Building it is a journey in itself. As we see it now – TJN will become a global offline and online community and platform where committed journeyers will find guidance through the curriculum that will be developed and through connecting with guides and elders; where they can connect with peers and find meaningful experiences and places to go.

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