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Vermont Wilderness Rites

Montpelier, Vermont, US

I support individuals in life transitions through nature based quests, life coaching, and ceremony.  Professional forms of my work include guiding nature based quests, life coaching and creating ceremony.  Within my community I created and co- guide an annual women’s quest – there is now a circle of over 50 women who hold the quest for other women each year.  There is no fee in the community quest other than to cover expenses – it is a giveaway.

My work has been influenced by The School of Lost Borders, Animas Valley Institute, Newfield Institute, Metta Earth Institute, and the Institute for Spiritual Development; and informed by the natural world, dreams, and the men and women that I have guided and coached over the past 20 years.

I work primarily in Vermont but have been to the Ukraine and the Czech Republic in the past two years and hope to return again. In spite of my resistance to communication via Skype, phone, webex, email and the like, I have found life coaching and guiding can happen with surprising success.

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Montpelier, Vermont, US 05602