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Wilderness Reflections

Fairfax, California, US

Wilderness Reflections has been leading youth rites of passage since 2001, with programs ranging from 1 week all the way up to 8 months long.

We believe that finding sanctuary and connection in the natural world is essential to our wholeness and wellness as individuals and as a community. Through direct, embodied, meaningful contact with wild Nature, our rites of passage, education and training programs foster personal and professional transformation for teens, adults, professionals and organizations. This work is a part of our effort to make vibrant and essential contributions toward a more reciprocal and balanced relationship between the human community and the natural world.

We have two branches: our traditional wilderness quests and rites of passage trips that offers:

  • Wilderness Quests
  • Rites of Passage programs for teens and adults
  • and training for quest guides.

And our new TerraSoma Ecopsychology Training Institute that offers:

  • training
  • supervision
  • personal sessions in our unique blend of somatic ecopsychology
  • and ceremonial Nature work.

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