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Your Voice, Your Gifts, Your Power

Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

My current work in rites of passage is rooted in best practices I have both developed and gathered through guest leadership in rites of passage programs in Australia, New Zealand, Spain and the USA.  I consider my offerings to be  contemporary in that it includes a focus on 21st century issues of rapid changes in our climate, economic systems, technologies and pacing of life.  This ever-evolving body of work draws from systems and complexity theory, social ecology, transformative education practice, process oriented psychology and the study of improvisation.  I have been inspired by reading and doing ceremony with African teacher and elder Malidoma Some.  In my studies, research and practice of ROP work, I have had contact with both indigenous and non-indigenous leaders and practices.   Though at one point I was invited to step very directly into the traditions of the Dagara people of West Africa, I did not feel called to do so.  Instead, I have felt very strongly called to continue constructing rites of passage work drawn from the diverse knowledge bases I have encountered and studied.  In this journey I have done rites passage work in quite a number of different geographic and cultural locations.  However, I am currently working towards building an organization here in Vancouver, Canada in which to house my body of work, and to serve youth and families here in the community I live in.

I am Caucasian Canadian, born on the prairies but have lived my adult life on the west coast of British Columbia, also known as unceded Coast Salish Territory.   My rites of passage work is also inspired and influenced by my connection to this land.

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