Values Embedded in this Partnership Model:

  • Relationships are built on reciprocity;
  • Currency and exchange happen in many forms, including time, money, energy, knowledge, relationships, and spiritual dimensions; and
  • Recognition that members of our community come from differing levels of relative privilege, which means that fixed amounts of both time and money “cost” partners differently.

Three Primary Types of Partnership and Annual Dues:



Supporters Partners include youth, students, parents, families or anyone anywhere who is called to engage in dialogue about youth initiation.



Practitioner Partners include individuals, communities, programs, or organizations who want to become part of our community-network. This is the most active tier of partnership and makes up the majority of our community.

Practitioner Partner Benefit & Ask Chart



Patron Partners include anyone who is most committed to supporting the work or being involved through financial stewardship of our organization.

View  the Partners Benefit & Ask Chart for comparison between Supporter, Practitioner and Patron Partners.

If you do not fit into one of the three categories mentioned above…

Vision Ally or Elder-Partner: Recognizing there are many ways in which individuals, communities or elders can ally themselves with the community-network, Youth Passageways may at times extend invitations to participate in an alternative mode of partnership, as a Vision Allies or Elder-Partners.  This is for individuals, organizations, and communities who believe in the mission and vision of Youth Passageways and wants to align themselves through an offering of solidarity, spiritual currency, or advisory council as a boon to the movement.

*Youth Passageways is committed to accessibility and inclusivity for our partners. If the financial contribution is a hardship, please contact us to explore other exchanges such as time & influence.