Transformative Justice One Pager

Transformative Justice 


by Youth Justice Coalition


Transformative Justice from the practices at the Youth Justice Coalition draws on ancient traditions and indigenous cultures from around the world to promote love, care, healing, and transformation. Community circles are used to build community and address disputes. All members of a community collectively create solutions that are best for both the individual and the group. Transformative Justice is used to heal community conflicts, divert people from getting suspended or expelled from schools as well as prevent people from getting incarcerated. TJ engages people, including but not limited to students, staff, family, community members and law enforcement in circles aimed at building relations, restoring relationship, building trust and solving problems, including failure to follow directives, truancy, fights, bullying, theft, intoxication, vandalism, weapons, youth-youth relations, youth-adult relations and adult-adult relations without resorting to isolation, suspension, expulsion, ticketing and/or arrest. In addition, youth and adult learn skills that they can use to improve relationships and solve conflicts outside of school while transforming the community and society so that we are finding creative and healthy solutions and decreasing the reliance of police and incarceration. Transformative justice leverages the profound and historically rooted knowledge, skills, and love of communities to imagine and create a better future for all of us.