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The Growing Life of a Child

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 Out of the Box
I was lost in the box called life…In it,
I wanted learning
but my education was deafening
I wanted truth
but my reality faked its root
I wanted to buy the right counsel
but my mind controller got me its left cell
I wanted to be free
but my pursuit turned a tree
I wanted information
but my vision brought me deformation
I wanted wellness
but my state showed illness
I wanted food
but my money was rude
I wanted a wife
but my life mirrored a knife!
I wanted the clarity of pleasure
but my naked eyes saw the dullness of pressure
I wanted to live forever
but my death was to question For Ever
I wanted peace
but my perception reflected unease

I wanted to know about people
but my understanding was a fumble
I wanted to be everyone’s friend
but my experience was the pal’s end
I wanted to be rich
but my efforts didn’t catch a fish!
I wanted direction
but my limitation was the obstruction
I wanted to know the ‘why’ to everything happening
but my answer had to cry to all prevailing
I wanted to invest in good
but my previous return showed “fooled”
I wanted to scream because of pains
but my calmness showed up because of gains

I wanted people to hear my voice
but my quest was a noise
I wanted money
but my struggle was funny!
I wanted to know why the world was divided
but the response was: “Its control is what’s favorited”
I wanted to know what happens after death
but my physical life told me I was on earth
I wanted to tell people my experience
but my words failed me in their presence
I wanted to know if I knew what I know
but my existence replied with a “NO!”
I wanted to find myself through my works
but my inner-self whispered: “If you want to find yourself, then think Out Of the Box!”


The Growing Life of a Child

The moment she knows a ‘seed’ has been sown,

All hands would be put in place

So that the seed would have a face

Its care would be of great grace

Everyone involved-man and wife-would work hard

To ensure the seed takes root

She would begin to eat healthy food for it to grow well

She would have to endure the pains to avoid the wrong sell

She goes for regular Ante-natal care;

Given the right medication;

told what to eat and what not;

This would continue

Until she is due for delivery…

When it’s time,

The pain experienced in the Room of Labour ushers need for the grown seed

Everyone connected to her is happy that the she has come to stay

She cries aloud to stamp her presence

Tears of joy fill the place

as all present are on hand to carry her, turn by turn…


From a-day-old to a Five-year-old child…

All wares are bought

Family members are in deep thought

Over the baby state

Friends and the community come visiting

Admiring the cute-looking baby

She begins to see the world days after

She begins to sense the mother’s smell

Her breast, voice and cuddle soon attracts her

She attaches herself to her mother more than anyone else

Her mother is her first companion

She smiles and cries to gain attention of all

She sucks her breast to quench the hunger thirst.

She sleeps under her arms

As the days go by,

she sees the need to leave her comfort zone.

From being cuddled all the time by her mother

she tries to crawl.

Being closely watched by her loving mother,

She makes a fall

Her hands and feet are stronger as she attempts to crawl

She soon finds the perfect position

She plays around on her own at times

Her mother is there to cuddle her

If she hits her body against the floor

Her food soon changes;

From breast feeding comes some slightly hard foods

that she would have to start chewing

She cries out

Because her comfort zone of breast-feeding is about changing

After sometime, she is used to the change

Ten months later, she can not only crawl, walk,

she understand the language of her mother!

Her world of fantasy gradually fades

as she faces the real world at age one

She is made to learn the ABC, 123 identities;

Set to go to school at age two

Prepared to go on simple errands by her mother at age three

Told what to do and what not at ages three and four

Her world changes when she is being scolded by her mother

for the things she did but was told they were wrong

She is no longer pampered

As she used to four years ago

Her formative years of training and learning had just begun…

Ages six to Twelve…

She is expected to become the best student in school

and well-behaved at home

She is expected to read her books

And carry out assigned domestic chores in the house

She is expected to play with her friends during the day

to come home, read, ear, sleep and prepare for school the next day

Her body changes as she grows older;

She is taller than she used to be

When she was seven

Her mom always loves her

but a touch of discipline is followed.

As she moves on with her elementary education,

she works hard to pass exams

to gain promotion to higher levels,

followed up by his mom

and teachers at school.

She looks at her mates in school

and admires their lifestyle

She then takes it home

only for his mom to caution her

At ten, she feels the need to ask some questions

Her mother answers her questions not seriously

but realizes one thing:

the growing life of her daughter will soon be over…

She prepares for her final exam

to leave the used-to elementary education

for another new one…the high school

At ages 11 and 12

She begins to experience what her mom had earlier realized:

“The passing Away of The Growing Life of a Child”


The Man; the over-grown boy

He is fully grown;

Maturity is his crown

He takes on responsibility;

Task carrying is his ability

He is independent;

Service rendering becomes the evident

He decides what he wants;

Situations make the counts

He contributes his quota to the family;

Ideas become what he disseminates actually

He is a leader;

Giving instruction to become the feeder

He is living by the law;

Crime is not a character flaw

He is ambitious;

Goal setting defeats the ambiguity

He is a role model;

Others stare at that propel

He is generous;

Yet the needs of people are enormous

He is a teacher;

The Student is the attention catcher

He is a faithful person;

His spouse is the reason

He is rich;

That has been his wish

He admits his wrongs;

That makes him strong





He is still an over-grown child

His big skin still hides his puerile mind

He still loves to dream

His fantasies are the heights of realm

He still likes toys

His favourite cars are his Lorries

He still seeks for attention

His spouse would mention

He still frowns at competition from his contemporaries

His thought feels this will not be temporary

He still wants to be cuddled

His wife’s care is the revealed

He still dislikes not having his desires most of the time

His aim is intended not to be cut-off at his prime

He still wishes to be the boy child he was

His attitude seldom says the cause

He still remembers the sweet childhood years

His archived cloth section reveals the wears

He still leaves with the fragments of boyhood

His approach to situations tells the ‘little boy’ of his manhood

He still the man with the over-grown boy look

His living wish of being a child is in his subconscious hook.


The woman; the grown girl

She has come of age!

She smiles;

Her face speaks of her aura

She has an a beautiful spirit

That draws men’s attention

She is the pride of her parents

Her character is her pride

She is in love with everyone

Her intelligence is admirable

She is the cynosure of all eyes

Her loving presence is felt by all

She is an experience to behold

Her readiness for greater aspirations invites others to her

She is married to the right man

Her home is built with beautiful children—sons and daughters



She is still has the girlish mind

Her good childhood experiences she remembers

Her make-overs is still her body consultant

She still makes use of the mirror

Her love for what she liked as a girl still lingers

She is still “daddy’s little girl”

Her admiration for fashion is still not changed

She still spends on things she doesn’t really need

She still craves for care;

even after age seventy

She still wants the world to understand her,

though she can’t really understand herself

Her friends are the known Grown Girls

She still sees herself as the grown girl,

despite being married to her husband for fifty years.


Mom’s Passion

She is passionate about everything

but not carried away by anything

She has the flair for good fashion

but my upbringing is her mission

She desires a good home for herself

but my up-keep is her vision

She likes to watch the television

but nurturing me to be responsible is her decision

She does not wait for the reign of winter

but teaches me on how to play the Life Waiter

She is seldom with her best friend

but her concern is where I went

She does most of the household chores

but she wants me to wash what I wore

She teaches me how to be cool

but always insists I go to school

She provides what I need

but takes care of my weed

She makes sure my things are not tampered

but ensures that I am not over-pampered

She scolds me when I am wrong

but her love for me fights for her when I feel too strong

She is fond of me always

but ensures I am disciplined in all ways

She plays with me whenever she has the chance

but does not allow it get to me when she travels to France

Mom’s passion knows no bounds

but her all decisions create the demarcated grounds.


Dad’s Weight of Responsibility

He’s the head of the house

He has many activities to browse

He has us to take care of

He is occupied with things to get rid off

He has to ensure the upkeep of the home

He has to do the required before he gets to the tomb

He makes sure we are in good health

He has to go out there to make the wealth

He is always on the move

He has to make sure we’re in the home’s grove

He teaches us values

He makes sure the school makes us pay our dues

He carries everyone along on his shoulder of maturity

That’s dad’s weight of responsibility.


Mom’s Resilience

The home is need of many things

Dad is not even present to observe certain things

She has to rise up to the occasion

This is not her responsibility

but things have to be put in place

She strives to get us what we need

at the expense of her happiness

She goes through difficulties to get them

This alone is her very happiness

She watches us grow into adults

Her tears of joy is felt in our lives

She is the happiest woman in the world

when we are all doing well

If not, she walks the work

to see we’re better than we used to be

Her commitment towards us is forever

Even if married,

she still looks after us

Her love for us has endured for the years

She is all for us till death separate us

That’s mom’s resilience.



I am the symbol of unity

I am the showcase of magnanimity

I am the reason for marriage

I am not regarding age

I am the room where my members rage

(Yet) I am the reason for the home

I am the husband’s and wife’s tome

I am the reason man and wife stay warm

I am the inspiration behind children

I am the very society’s pen

I am “Love Reign Supreme”

I ensure all members are at their prime

I put the needed effects in the home on time

“Who are you?” asks Mr. Rhyme.

I simply reply: I am Family.


The Making of self in the light of the tree

I’m Rooted in Self-discovery

I’m Stemming out in Self-realization

I’m Branching forth in Self-Dynamism

I’m Leaving in the process of Self-completion

I’m Flowering in Self-propagation

I’m Fruiting in Self-Productivity

About the Author: Ben Anthony

Following the words of the great Greek philosopher, Socrates, ‘Employ your time by improving with other men’s writings so that you can gain easily what others labored hard for’, Mr. Ben, as he is fondly called, is poised to impact humanity in all spheres of life and human recognition. With his knowledge zenith, he is willing to disseminate valued and ageless information to all interested persons, groups and organizations-what he toiled to gain over the years.

To depict this feat, he has written over twenty breath-taking masterpieces that cut across almost very literary category to help improve the cause, shape and existence of humanity; sexuality, business anecdotes, science, home affairs, marriage, relationships, friendship, self-help, gender issues, life matters, motivational and inspirational interests, educational/academic matters and many more…He is still counting! To his credit, he has written over forty timeless articles on the various literary categories; showcased on www.ezinearticles.com, www.articlebase.com, www.searchwarp.com, www.triond.com and other affiliate sites.
His amazing writing skills, novel concepts, creative works and avid reading and communication skills have earned him a recognized membership with the following international affiliations; www.christianwriters.com, www.associationofaspiringauthors.com, www.writerface.com and other known writers’ organizations. No doubt, he is not only a writer with a difference but also an entrepreneur, investor and a philanthropist whose slogan reads ‘service to God and humanity are paramount’.

Though based in Lagos, Nigeria, Mr. Ben is not only an internationally published author of several books, poet, essayist, voice-over artiste but also a speaker

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