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Update from Kenya Partner about Coronavirus

From Gordon Ondiek Nyabade, Director, Go Fishnet Happy Kids, KENYA

The situation on Coronavirus is pathetic as many kids we care for have returned to their homes for quarantine and we don’t have adequate access to many of them…some of whom we cared for in a special way as they are orphans from HIV and AIDS background.

We can’t help with their medication, feeding program as they are quarantined at pathetic homes. Schools are closed… I started a private school where these 147 kids could get free education and free feeding. I founded this school seven years ago in Ahero village near Kisumu city in western Kenya. It mainly admits vulnerable kids who come from a very humble background most if whom are orphans and needy.

The school is called Go Fishnet Happy Kids academy. The name comes from an abbreviation of my first name “Gordon” and the second abbreviation “Fishnet” is my vision to bring out or fish out vulnerable and poor children in Kenya from the great seas or waters of illiteracy, diseases, poverty and lack of opportunity to learning, good health and wellbeing.

We offer free feeding program and free learning at school with a population of 147 kids and ten teachers and non teaching staff including cooks, caretakers and management.

Our present challenges include high level of poverty, disease such as HIV and AIDS and its rapid spread, lack of education materials and facilities, feeding as most kids in their homes are orphans and come from very low economy background and most current heavy challenge is the Coronavirus which has contributed to our school closure among all other schools here, lack of adequate food and water due to a self quarantined isolation life without means for families to look for food for their families and strict movements causing everyone to stay home and unable to work or look for food and water…market places closed.

Being a social society, its now very hard for us who believed in communal life to isolate and live lonely lives as many kids already suffer isolation and idleness.


How you can support Gordon and his work:

I can possibly get any donation of kids items but always at the customs department there are charges for such items. We have kids from ages 4 to 12 both boys and girls who come from very humble background and are affected by HIV and AIDS and some are orphans.

I personally really need any used laptop for email and to organise private lessons for our kids because schools are closed and kids are home. I would like to visit them in a group of five each for all of them to teach them using a computer.

How to reach Gordon: 
You can reach me through WhatsApp and phone number (+254701655048) or emailing (gonyabade2012@gmail.com).

Free distribution of food to kids of our project:






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