Youth Passageways 2016 Webinar Series

The Youth Passageways 2016 Webinar Series was designed to offer a window into concepts and skills that can help our partner base expand and maintain the way they hold their work. From the energetic qualities of dealing with money to how to craft successful stories or be in right relationship to the cultural roots of their programming, this series is designed and facilitated by partners for partners and will expand over the coming months and years. Below you will find the 2016 webinar offerings. To learn more, view the recordings & resources, simply click on the webinar and follow the prompts.

Naming Elephants: An Anti-Oppression Workshop for Engaging in the Process of Healing & Justice

Most of us benefit, consciously or unconsciously, from the social construct and helps us survive and thrive. Who is the oppressor? Who is the oppressed? Often we are both. How do we own this truth while also being a strong and accountable ally for young people to prevent additional harm for future generations? Join Kruti Parekh, YPW Stewardship Council Member, for a workshop exploring anti-oppression, police-community healing and action for a more socially just world.

Why Storytelling Matters: Finding, Crafting and Sharing the Story of your Organization

Do you need help telling the story of your organization or program? Whether you need to fill a program, raise funds or share your powerful mission… learning how to find, craft and share authentic strategic stories will foster the connections you need with participants, parents, donors, stakeholders and more. Join Emily Pease for a webinar offering theory and practical steps to get your communications on course for greater impact.

Rites of Passage & Funding: Liberating Wealth on Behalf of our Young People

Maybe you have asked yourself the questions: What should I charge for programs? How can I tell the story of my work in a way the inspires donors? Join Darcy Ottey for a webinar about mobilizing resources on behalf of young people. You will receive practical tools, relevant examples, and cutting-edge theoretical frameworks to help you develop needed resources to support your work.