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Welcome, Katheryne Lewis!

Katheryne Lewis, Stewardship Council Secretary since November 2019, has stepped seamlessly into a staff support role, much to the delight of the whole team!

Greetings to my dear YPW community,

This felt like a great opportunity to share a bit about myself as I settle into my recently acquired position as a part-time staff member for Youth Passageways. I was first introduced to YPW through a mentor during my time in Hawaii, hearing briefly of the efforts they put forth in connecting community leaders in practices of self-initiation. A couple of years passed before I was able to come in a bit closer and witness the uniquely thoughtful processes of YPW at one of their annual gatherings. As someone who often finds herself as either the only or one of the very few people holding intersecting minoritized identities, it felt incredibly special to step into a community where many of my core values were present from the lenses of people from all walks of life. At the end of that weekend, I knew I was called to step in closer to YPW although I didn’t exactly know what that meant at the time.

Fast forward to today! I’ve stepped in even closer to help YPW move sure-footed into their intentions of fostering global partnerships with others who hold the values and vision to cultivate and advocate for the unquestionable need for rites of passage initiatives among our young folks. Working in a myriad of ways that tends to our existing relationships while establishing new ones I hope to build on the foundation of integrity and bring forth opportunities that will allow us to show up and do the work that is needed in the world today. As I wrap up my final year of graduate school in a mental health counseling program, I aim to incorporate my passion for cultivating a sense of belonging in our nonhuman/beyond human world through a lens of ceremony and self-initiation that allows others to step more fully into their authentic selves. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities I’ve been granted to intertwine so many important aspects and experiences of my life in a way that consistently fills my cup of purpose and joy. Thank you to those who have shared space with me thus far on this journey and I’m looking forward to crossing paths with many more of you in the future.

Sincerely, Katheryne


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