Whats’ Your Part?

Rarely does lasting change come in isolation. 

Change–transformative change, the kind needed to move from one stage of life into the next, or to stop harm, or to bring forth healing–is cultivated by many hands. 

Lasting change takes much more than one person, community, or even any one movement. It takes partnership, alliances of mutual care, and support. This is what Youth Passageways is all about: learning how to work together across differences, carrying a prayer and a dream that ALL youth are supported, loved, and nourished on their path to adulthood, able to bring forth their unique gifts and a sense of belonging as part of healthy, healing, self-determining communities.

The stronger Youth Passageways is, the better we can show up for our partners. The more we show up for our partners, the stronger Youth Passageways becomes. This video series, featuring the work of long-time partners; Ever Forward Club/Siempre Adelante, Circle Ways, and All Nations Gathering Center are a few examples of what this sort of mutual support looks like:

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More videos will be posted here featuring other partners doing amazing work and offering their own unique answers, see you then!