The list below includes areas where additional funds and people are needed to support items listed above; initiatives we have done with success in the past but won’t move forward this year without volunteer leadership; and some of our dreams for infrastructure building or ways we can serve the YPW community. 

Funding Wishes* 

  • 3-month cash reserve ($30,000)
  • Pay off 2019 debt ($24,526)
  • Hire technical support for website improvements  ($2K+)
  • Increase staff hours by .25 to .75 FTE ($15-45 K)
  • Hire technical support for 3-part video series ($3K+)
  • Increase support for Cross Cultural Protocols (CCP) Working Group (increase co-chair stipend, additional stipends)  ($1800+)
  • Seed funding to begin planning a Youth Passageways Partner Gathering ($3K)
  • Seed funding for a nature-based rites of passage gathering, exploring the intersection of social justice and nature-based practices ($3K)

*volunteers with technical expertise could offset some of the costs above

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Support day to day operations
  • Support local/regional gatherings and self-funded pilgrimages
  • Support our annual Confluence Journal
  • Host monthly Community Calls for partners and the general public
  • Build on the Family Rooted Initiation Initiative piloted in 2019
  • Support partners in creating local opportunities to explore initiatory experience on Passageways Day, an initiative Youth Passageways has offered since 2017
  • Build on the Land {Climate} Culture Initiative begun in 2019
  • Develop resources to provide fundraising education for partners
  • Spearhead public emails & social media providing information, education, and resources at problematic holidays (example: Thanksgiving, Columbus Day, etc.) 
  • Partnering with Darcy Ottey to support the completion, publication, and distribution of Rites and Responsibilities: A Guide to Growing Up
  • Hosting an Ecology of Power and Privilege 2-day to week-long workshop, in partnership with Queer Nature

Additional information available upon request.