Spirit Led: This fall, in the Yellow Bear Canyon just outside of the Black Hills, Youth Passageways brought together a small intergenerational delegation, for relationship building, truth-telling and healing, and explored an alliance to support and uplift indigenous youth throughout the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. This gathering was one of the many threads that have and continue to build the tapestry of Youth Passageways over the last few years, and feels like a foundational step towards actualizing YPW’s mission.

The theme of the 2018 gathering was Spirit Led. What this meant for the group was to allow the unseen to be welcomed and incorporated into our time together and to guide us throughout. Those gathered let go of attachment to specific ideas of schedule or form that could block the Blessings from coming through.

The Invitation – From Los Angeles to Pine Ridge

A year and a half after the Youth Passageways Gathering in Los Angeles, Becky Chief Eagle joined the Stewardship Council, and she and her husband Dallas promptly extended an invitation for Youth Passageways to gather on the lands of her home and the All Nations Gathering Center. This invitation came at just the right moment!  Learn about what led to our decision to gather in Pine Ridge here >

Place & Preparation: A Learning Journey Continued

A crucial part of the gathering was the preparation each of those coming from outside of Pine Ridge did to build trust and to ground in the history of and context of the place we gathered.  This work set the stage for the kind of gathering we wanted to have. Learn more about the process and timeline leading up to the gathering here >

Gathering Report – Spirit Weaving – YPW at All Nations

Coming out of the gathering we knew a crucial part of the story was the way in which it would be captured. What follows is an attempt to bring some of the many experiences, stories, and perspectives into the context of the larger narrative. Read the full report here >

From the Participants: Everyone has a Medicine

One of the most important aspects if not the most are the varied and incredibly diverse array of stories and perspectives that show up when we gather and likewise take away a great many things. Here are some reflections from participants both during and after our time together. Hear from the participants here >

Reintegration: From Pine Ridge all the way back to LA

After two years and the evolution of so many wonderful relationships, 2018 brought us back to Los Angeles for our annual Stewardship Council Retreat and into a moment of adaptation and change. Read more about it here >

More About All Nations

In addition to being a wonderful place to gather, All Nations also does amazing work on the Pine Ridge Reservation and for a great many of the families that live there. Learn more about the amazing work they do on their website here >