Why Become a Partner?

… Do you want to be a part of a global NETWORK in pursuit of a shared vision?

… Do you wish to connect within a COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE as a way to find peer-mentorship and gain access to more resources?

… Are you interested in mobilizing SOCIAL CAPITAL to change the way we raise our children in the world today?

Here are just a few of the reasons to become part of the conversation!

Collaborate & Advocate

Receive updates on upcoming gatherings, trainings, and other ways to deepen and enrich your offerings and connect with fellow practitioners.

Add your voice to strengthen our collective ability to advocate for the youth initiation field as a whole.

Build and shape this network into exactly what you and others need to better serve youth in becoming the adults that the planet needs!

Be Seen, Be Heard & Be Felt

Get new referrals to your offerings. The Youth Passageways website is home to a searchable database where parents and teens from around the world who are seeking youth initiatory experiences can find the ones that best fit their needs. As a partner, the people who can most benefit from your work can find it much more easily.

Discover & Stay Informed

Discover the variety of programs and approaches so that you know where to refer youth.

Find and share resources such as articles, books, films, and podcasts related to youth initiation and rites of passage.

Learn about ideas and resources for funding. Youth Passageways also provides a central place where potential donors can find programs aligned with their values.