How can I connect?

Want to help increase access to initiatory experiences for young people, but not quite sure about how you can connect or just where to begin?

There are so, so many ways to get involved!  Here are some ways to get started:

  • Utilize and/or add to our Resources to educate yourself and others about the theory, practice and impact of rites of passage and youth initiation.
  • Find an Experience in your area for youth or for yourself.
  • Find an Event on our calendar from our extended network close to your home.
  • Find us on Social Media: Like us on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Stay connected by signing up for our mailing list and our Google Group.
  • Become a Partner. We strive to be a diverse and inclusive network, which is only as resilient as it is expansive. Join us in our efforts and take a look at what we offer to and ask of our partners. Becoming a partner allows you access to engage in our forums and partner-only conversations!
  • Already a Partner!? Get listed! Consider adding your work to our database and help us supply as comprehensive and inclusive a network as possible. Create your listing here. We also need your amazing program images, stories and estimated number of youth your offerings reach per year. We would like to help you share your story as well as create a full image of the reach of our shared work.
  • Start a study circle in your community, exploring topics related to youth initiation and rites of passage through the lifespan. This is how many community-based rites of passage emerge. Post your study circle event to our calendar!
  • Engage with our forums to continue to build relationships, chip away at the big questions, and move toward a common language across our network.
  • Use our volunteer and work listings to see what opportunities there are or to let rite of passage practitioners know you’re available.
  • Tell teens and their parents about rites of passage, and about Youth Passageways. One of the key ways we improve access to rites of passage and youth initiation is through our searchable database of youth initiation experiences.
  • Give financial support. You can make a tax-deductible gift to Youth Passageways in support of our efforts to support rites of passage and youth initiation, or you can find a program, organization, or community to support directly through our searchable database.
  • Advocate for rites of passage with your school district, church, local, state or national government, or non-governmental organizations you may influence with.