The Youth Passageways Education and Consulting Collective (ECC) is a collective of  educators, facilitators,

and practitioners close to the center of Youth Passageways (YPW).


  • offers support for organizers, educators, youth, families, Youth Passageways partners, and the general public;
  • works with existing programs, organizations, and communities to tailor educational experiences for their clients or staff;
  • provides coaching, consulting, and direct services for individuals and groups;
  • provides educational experiences for our partners and the general public.

Youth Passageways’ Education and Consulting Collective brings together a diverse set of practitioners with a range of passions and gifts. The common core of all of our work is a shared commitment to evolving, manifesting, and preserving earth-based, anti-oppressive frameworks and practices to support the regeneration of healthy culture in all of its many expressions. {Read more Here}


Are you looking to ground your activist work in healing practices, including rites of passage? Or perhaps to ground your healing and rites of passage work in equity, justice, and accountability? 

Are you looking for tools to help foster health and resilience in yourself, your family, and your community, during these times of uprisings, pandemics, and climate change? Are you seeking support with fires big and small in your life and in your organization? 

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, we are here for you!  {Learn more here}


Central to the work of the Education & Consulting Collective is aligning our efforts with broader movements to transform systems of money and power affecting our lives, our communities, and our planet today. Inspired by many & in particular, two of our Guardians Gigi Coyle and Orland Bishop, we seek to practice ways of working with resources that stand in contrast to an extractive, racialized capitalist system. These ways include solidarity economics, transformative economics, regenerative economics, and sacred economics. {Read more here}


Please take a look at the facilitator’s page, where you’ll find more information about each member of the ECC. Our facilitators sometimes work one-on-one, and sometimes we work in teams. {Learn more here}



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