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Next Culture Research & Training Center

Polling, Bayern, DE

We provide archetypal adulthood initiations and healing processes. We upgrade your thoughtware to be functional in a sustainable human presence on Earth. We provide clarity while you open your Pearl, distill your Bright and Shadow Principles, and prepare yourself to jack-in to your Archetypal Lineage so you can step out of childhood’s cocoon and do what you came here to do.

The difference between initiation and education is that education provides informational content to think about and initiation shifts the distinctions in the context that you use to think with.

Even one distinction-shift throws you into a 4-body liquid state (physical, intellectual, emotional, and energetic) during which time your self image, self experience, world view, and relationships in the world rapidly re-arrange themselves to give you new options and unexpectedly interesting new capabilities. Step by step we connect you in to powerful new inner and outer resources that modern culture knows nothing about.

Adulthood initiatory processes allow you to take responsibility for things you never thought responsibility could be taken for. But it helps if some of your first initiations are about how to intelligently navigate your liquid states, or how else can you effectively proceed?

If you consider the question, “When a child makes a mess, who cleans it up?” the answer is, “The adults.”

Modern culture is making unconscionable messes with no intention at all of ever cleaning them up.

Modern culture is a child-level-responsibility culture.

So where are your adult role models? The politicians? The businessmen? School teachers?

The whole of modern culture has been hijacked by a psychopathic agenda through using hierarchical power structures. Psychopaths are the ones who will do whatever it takes to get positions of power. In recent decades global hierarchies have become top-heavy with psychopathic personalities. This explains why no amount of good-will and collaboration among the world’s peoples lead to necessary changes in policy (think of the lack of intelligent and timely response to global warming, the lies, the wars, the toxic wastes…).

As Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” What he did not say was how to shift to the next level of consciousness. Consciousness shift requires initiations.

Yes, you could have learned many of these things in school, but modern culture schooling serves a purpose very different from empowering you to become yourself as a free and natural adult human being, serving your archetypal lineage for the benefit of the Earth. Until you create and live in an initiation-centered regenerative culture you will have to go find authentic initiatory experiences for yourself, just beyond the edges of modern culture. We are out here.

Youth Passageways is doing an amazing job helping modern people understand the necessity of initiations in creating a bright future for humanity on Earth.

The guild of possibility management trainers (Trainer Guild) delivers authentic adulthood initiatory processes using the tools, processes, thoughtmaps of Possibility Management. These initiations are provided in the 3 to 5 day long Expand The Box trainings and SecretGiant. After this you qualify to enter the 3 to 5 day long Possibility Labs.

Possibility Management trainings are listed on the online calendar, and are offered in many cities across the world. We can deliver more if you have a group that is ready for this step. The International Trainers Circle offers to deliver Expand The Box in English and several other languages anywhere in the world. Please contact Georg Pollitt <> with your wishes.

Here is a page introducing you to some of the Trainers:

Possibility Management emerged during 40 years (since 1975) of empirical research in small groups in Europe and USA. It does not come from psychology, philosophy, or religion. It is not a sect. Possibility Management is the open code copyleft thoughtware emerging from the context of radical responsibility. Thousands of individuals and organizations around the world make daily use of Possibility Management to serve humanity and bring more love into the world.

Books and other media about Possibility Management are published by Next Culture Press in Germany and Hohm Press in North America. Most of the notes and writings about Possibility Management so far have come from Clinton Callahan, but more and more people are taking responsibility to explain how it goes.

To register for the free monthly Next Culture News email that includes a SPARK (Specific Practical Applications of Radical Knowledge) with matrix-building experiments to try, please register online at:

For information about the context-upgrading work of Clinton and Marion Callahan with communities, ecovillages, young adults, conferences and education projects, please visit Next Culture Research & Training Center.

Here is Clinton Callahan’s blog:

Here is the Next Culture YouTube Channel:

If you have read this far… there is some chance that your true calling is to serve as an initiator. Even though in modern culture you will not find “initiator” classified on the tax forms, we need you now more than ever before.

Stepping into your craft as an initiator, or as we call it, Trainer (with a capital “T” to distinguish this profession from sports trainer, or educator) can be hindered by an unconscious fear of being burned at the stake, again. Most of us are the descendents of those people who could pretend to be normal during the 700 years of continuous Inquisitions.

In the Possibility Labs such fears are directly faced, and through personal processes transformed into gateways to a new future. If after your foundational adulthood initiations during your first 5 to 10 Possibility Labs you find yourself already giving personal coachings, talks, and workshops about Possibility Management, and have delivered or want to deliver Expand The Box training yourself or in a team, then reading through the Trainer Codex and participating in Trainer Labs begins to make sense.  In that case you can contact us at Next Culture Research & Training Center and we do whatever we can to help you level-up!

Thank you for your excitement! We are excited too!

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