Volume II • Issue 1 • Spring/Summer 2017

What does it mean to do this work (or even be alive) in these times?

Our second issue dives deep into the personal and interpersonal depths and brings up a wealth of perspectives and stories. From bi-coastal youth using art as a tool for self-discovery to seasoned practitioners wrestling with the world in which we find ourselves. Volume II is sure to offer something for anyone who comes with a willingness to sit a while with the big questions, both in curiosity and some necessary discomfort.

Come join us in the confluence!

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Letter From the Editors
by the Confluence Journal Editorial Staff

I, Too: On Space & Ceramics
by Kahlil Irving

The YouthVoice Project Confluence Launch Stories
by Juvanni P, Amir S, Jasmine E, Jacqueline L, Ariana G, Jana E, Amayrani S, Maya O, Deshun S & Luis B

The Age of Wander: Where Contemplative Education and Rites of Passage Meet
by Ramon Parish

Real Talk: On Empowering Girls & Women
by Emily Frost

Morning Altars: Beauty From Impermanence
by Day Schildkret

ShadowBreaker: an Interview with Alexandra Damiani
by Alexandra Damiani & the Confluence Journal Editorial Staff

Reconciliation at the Intersection of the Sacred Masculine/Feminine and Activism
by Pat McCabe

Resist. Insist. Love.
by Nikki Silvestri, Amy Hartzler & Hosan Lee

Lom Nava Love: an Interview with Fanon Hill
by Fanon Hill & the Confluence Journal Editorial Staff

Love From Earth
by Pegi Eyers

Right Relations in Rites of Passage: Reflections on a Shared Learning Journey
by Darcy Ottey, on Behalf of the Cross Cultural Protocols Working Group

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